so.. what have you been up to?

so.. what have you been up to?

Postby defgav » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:05 am

Were you a part of the old online community of Rev fans? Here's a topic to check in and let everybody know what you've been up to these past few years.

Or if you're new, go ahead and introduce yerself!

I guess I'll go first. I'm Gavin and I started the Mercury Rev fansite Before The War back in 1998 and it's been around in some form or another ever since. I'm originally from the San Diego, California area, but moved up to Portland, Oregon in 2009 and have been there since. Got married almost 3 years ago (pretty amazing a chump like me found a great woman to take me in). No kids but got a dog we love like a daughter, Annie Lou, following our first dog, the late great Lucy Lou. I always wanted to get into archiving (putting together the gigography of the site was a lot of fun for me), and while not exactly the same thing, I work for a company that archives emails n' stuff, so that's kinda close. My job is burning data DVDs of our clients' archives.. yep, some people still use physical media out there!

I got into Mercury Rev around 1994. I still love the early stuff best. SYOTOS is probably my favorite, with Boces close behind, but I've never heard a Rev album I didn't like. I've seen them live a couple times, and even got to meet most of the band once (they were real cool). I'm also a big Hopewell fan (band with former Rev bassist Jason Russo). I try to make music of my own under the name Fiberoctopus though I've sorta been temporarily retired since putting out a song per week back in 2015. But I hope to get back into it again one of these days/years. (gah, sorry, I can't talk about myself for too long without plugging my music.. check out the Under The Milky Way cover!). My other big hobby these days is collecting baseball cards. It's dorky, but a fun way to reconnect with my youth a little.

Anyways, that's it for me. What's up with you?
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