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Postby JackCole » Thu May 09, 2013 1:50 am

Hi! I'm not english so sorry by my bad grammar. Firstly I would say thanks to EVERYBODY who make this forum and let me a chance to met Paw!!! Great work :D If is not a problem I will ask to NickTheLick (or everybody who can help me) if you can upload some of your boots (CBGBs, NY 1999; Soundways 21st April 1994 & Emos
10th May 1995, TX), especially the rare songs. Filled Up, pre-B&M Innocuous, Gold Dust Woman... I'm really sad not findin 'em... In the bootleg list in the other site I've found a so-called "Terminator intro", what's this? I'm looking also for scans of every cd and singles (front, back, cd, booklet pages.. ) If someone could help me, also not for everything, or only for answering me I'll be grateful, many thanks. Bye!

Ps: plz don't use sites like 4share or whatever needs registration, download strange programs or money. Just simple downloader like Mediafire or Depositfile, if possible, thanks :lol:
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